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The secret of staying young and healthy 

State-of-the-art extraction technology

The world's first patented technology called "PD Membrane Separation Method" was developed to separate only the active ingredient from placenta. The patented filter used has a mesh size of 18 nanometres to filter bacteria and virus with a sterilization rate of 99.9999-99.999999%. This world's first medical-level safety technology makes it possible to retain the useful ingredients of placenta without heating and drying.

Awakening brilliance Placenta

Placenta that nurtures fetal growth for beauty. It creates new skin like a new born baby.

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The pure active placenta essence extracted by the world’s first PD membrane separation and filtration technology, which is the world’s only completely non-heated “pure living placenta”. It has been tested by a government-approved laboratory and does not contain estrogen and hormones.


Shadow on the Wall

Anti-Aging Supplement for Men & Women

It is a supplement designed to overcome troubles caused by aging, particularly for men and women in their 40s to 60s, it is described as "autumn period" of four seasons, advocated by psychiatrist and anti-aging doctor Hideki Wada.

“Avenir” helps regulate mood, relieve fatigue, and anti-aging. It contains a variety of precious ingredients such as desert ginseng, Siberian ginseng, brahman ginseng, royal jelly, avocado extract, bilberry extract, lily extract, saffron, etc. Refusing to grow old, prevent osteoporosis, and help women create a young girlish feel from the inside out.


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Luo Minzhuang

Recently, because of the heavy workload in front of the screen, I need to pay more attention to my appearance, but as I get older, my collagen is losing gradually, and my entire face looks haggard than before. When I was looking for a solution, my friend introduced to me Placentist placenta gel, I only need take one pack every morning. It tastes like strawberry jelly, which is convenient and delicious! After a few days of eating, it has had a remarkable effect. My skin quickly regains its elasticity. It is really smooth like a BB, and the apple cheek are getting firm. I feel really amazing! In order to keep
'beautiful", I will definitely keep eating! Thanks Placentist ..
Luo Minzhuang
Film And Television Red Star

Testimonial 1.fw.png

Katherine Hung

When I first came to know Placentist Placenta Gel, I was a little worried because I didn't know if this product was safe, but after looking at all the test reports, I found that this product has been approved by Hong Kong relevant authority and it does not contain hormones, so I feel relieved  and  try it. I have been taking this placenta gel every morning for almost a year, and I feel that my skin is full of elasticity, getting better and better everyday, and my look is getting younger and younger. I am very grateful to know such a good healthy food!
Katherine Hung

Testimonial Simon Chow.fw.png

SiMon Chow

For a beauty-loving person, I was suffering from cancer which made me collapse. Chemotherapy and drug had made my skin quality worse, and the loss of collagen made my face look haggard. One day I was introduced by a friend about Placentist Placenta Gel claiming it can help to improve skin quality. While  having chemotherapy that time, I was afraid it will have an adverse effect to my body, but after studying carefully on the test reports and got opinion from my doctor friends telling me that there will be no adverse effects in all aspects, so I decided to try it. The result was unexpectedly good. My friends told me I look better than before, the gray hair was lesser and my skin looks better than before. It's really amazing! I sincerely recommend this fascinating product to everyone...

SiMon Chow

Star Image Guidance

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