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world's first. High-concentration "raw placenta" realized by patented PD membrane separation method


What kind of care products are women really looking for? It is something that enhances the beauty that is lacking. It is the health of the body that is inseparable from beauty. In order to balance these two elements, "ellecime" was born by harmonizing original advanced science and tradition.

I want you to live a life full of joy throughout your life by firmly enhancing beauty and health. With that in mind, we have researched and developed various products. We have a lineup of cosmetics series that incorporates high-concentration raw placenta, which was realized by using advanced science.

Placenta that nurtures fetal growth for beauty

Do you know what placenta is in the first place? This is the placenta that nurtures and grows the foetation. This organ contains a surprising variety of nutrients. Not only the three major elements such as protein, lipid and sugar, but also plenty of enzymes, minerals, calcium and vitamins. These nutrients have the effect of promoting the metabolism of cells and improving the basal metabolism, which are also useful for cosmetology and health maintenance. It creates new skin like a newborn baby.


100% extract extraction and world's first separation technology

The smallest virus found in current research is 20 nanometers in diameter (nanometers are one millionth of a millimeter). The patented filter used has a mesh size of 18 nanometers. Therefore, this filter has a fineness that does not allow bacteria and viruses to pass through, and medical-level safety with a sterilization rate of 99.9999-99.999999% is ensured. This world's first technology makes it possible to retain the useful ingredients of placenta without heating and drying.

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